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The world's most visible mobile video screen

Mobile LED

We’ve built the Visimax to be the most flexible mobile LED solution available in the U.S. We’ve mounted two outdoor LED screens to an vertical mast allowing us to operate while in motion in the lowered position, or parked with the dual screen raised to a height of 18’ feet. This flexibility combines 215 square feet of high resolution all weather LED screens with an on-board sound system, making Visimax the world’s most versatile mobile video screen and the perfect mobile video solution for outdoor daytime events.

Dual Sided

With over 200 square feet of viewing surface Visimax has 45% more viewing surface than a 16’x9′ screen.

Parade Mode

The Visimax can be operated in “parade mode” to show video while moving, or Visimax can park and raise its dual 13’x8′ 7mm resolution LED screens 20 feet into the air.

No Assembly Required

It only takes a few minutes to get the Visimax up and running.

On Board Sound

Screen mounted speakers with full digital signal processing brings great sound to your audience.



  • Toyota Hino
  • 25′ long x 6′-2″ wide
  • Diesel generator
  • Stabilizers


  • Dual Screen Mode: Two 13’x8′ screens
  • 7.8mm indoor/outdoor LED screen
  • Height to top of screen 18 feet
  • Screen rotates 360 degrees
  • On-board screen mounted speakers.
  • Playback from computer, media file, DVD/Bluray
  • Play different content to each screen

Additional Services Available