Big, Bold, Outdoor Cinema


Fresh Air Flicks is a pioneer in outdoor cinema and is responsible for many firsts in the industry. You’ll routinely find us on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier at the Intrepid Air Sea & Space Museum, a movie in the park in New Jersey, or showing rooftop films around Brooklyn.


An impactful outdoor movie experience, our 1-story rental leaves a big impression with small audiences. This screen is completely silent, making it ideal for indoor screenings as well.

Audience Size: <500
18’ x 13’6” Inflatable Movie Screen
16’ x 9’ Viewing Surface


This giant screen, perfect for mid-sized audiences, provides excellent viewing and an impactful experience for all involved.

Audience Size: 500 – 1,000
33’ x 25’ Inflatable Movie Screen
25’ x 14’ Viewing Surface


This towering 30 foot screen, paired with a brilliant projector, gives your audience a true high definition experience. An FM transmitter can be included to transform the evening into a classic drive-in.

Audience Size: 1,500+
46’ x 31’ Inflatable Movie Screen
40’ x 22’ Viewing Surface

All of our packages are fully inclusive, providing all video, audio, projection equipment, and labor necessary to make your cinema experience a success.


For a truly classic experience, opt for a timeless drive-in movie.

Our massive 3-story screen paired with an FM Transmitter provides the building blocks for a classic drive-in movie experience. The revamped drive-in provides a safe and exciting experience for audiences of all ages. Our packages are a one-stop shop for this unforgettable cinema event!


Our mobile LED screen is just the tool to get your content in front of a greater audience. The LED screen allows your video to be shown even in daylight, either parked or in “parade mode” to show video while moving. Visimax is the most flexible mobile LED solution available in the United States, with dual 13’ x 8’ 7mm resolution LED screens that can be lifted as far as 20 feet into the air.

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