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Big, Bold, Outdoor Cinema


Fresh Air Flicks is a pioneer in outdoor cinema and is responsible for many firsts in the industry. You’ll routinely find us on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier at the Intrepid Air Sea & Space Museum, a movie in the park in New Jersey, or showing rooftop films around Brooklyn.


An impactful outdoor movie experience, our 1-story rental leaves a big impression with small audiences. This screen is completely silent, making it ideal for indoor screenings as well.

Audience Size: <500
18’ x 13’6” Inflatable Movie Screen
16’ x 9’ Viewing Surface


This giant screen, perfect for mid-sized audiences, provides excellent viewing and an impactful experience for all involved.

Audience Size: 500 – 1,000
33’ x 25’ Inflatable Movie Screen
25’ x 14’ Viewing Surface


This towering 30 foot screen, paired with a brilliant projector, gives your audience a true high definition experience. An FM transmitter can be included to transform the evening into a classic drive-in.

Audience Size: 1,500+
46’ x 31’ Inflatable Movie Screen
40’ x 22’ Viewing Surface

All of our packages are fully inclusive, providing all video, audio, projection equipment, and labor necessary to make your cinema experience a success.


For a truly classic experience, opt for a timeless drive-in movie.

Our massive 3-story screen paired with an FM Transmitter provides the building blocks for a classic drive-in movie experience. The revamped drive-in provides a safe and exciting experience for audiences of all ages. Our packages are a one-stop shop for this unforgettable cinema event!

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